Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sparkles and rainbows, oh my!

Shin's been bugging me to post.

(Actually I don't know if anyone besides us two are reading this stuff. For all I know we could just be a pair of deluded idiots manically posting up stuff for nobody to see

...which would be quite funny. But at the same time, really really sad.)


Barring that depressing possibility-

Minor correction gaiz, we haven't actually got the cosfest booth yet, we've only just applied for it. Hopefully we'll get it because it really is the con of cons in Singapore and what we've been aiming for from the start, but for the moment all we're gonna do is sit in front of our computer screens and drool in anticpation.

Something like that anyway.

Right now, both of us are rushing to add to our meagre selection of con goodies for the upcoming SGComifest 2 (Interested? You can find out more by clicking the link Shin provided in a previous post. For what it's worth, admission is free.) I myself have quite ambitious plans, but I really don't know how much of it I can complete in these 2 weeks. Although we should technically be useless bums with nothing to do but sit around and wait for uni to start, we both have jobs that suck up a lot of time that could otherwise spent on con stuff.

The comifest staff got all the boothowners to do a fanart of their mascot Pura (I sure hope they didn't get the name from Singapura, that would be corny beyond belief) to be used as prizes for some lucky dip or something. We weren't paid to do it, and it was an obligation on top of the booth payment fee (i.e. we don't get anything by doing it. Okay, maybe we get artist's recognition or something, but that isn't very important to me since I don't think my digital drawings are anything to be recognised for), so a couple of people I agonised to about it told me to knock up something slipshod. Anyway, I didn't, on the basis that the unlucky sod who does pick out an art as a prize shouldn't get something half-hearted, since it is a prize after all.

...Well, when I say I didn't, I meant I actually bothered to put in effort, not come up with something that's so magically gorgeous it emits sparkles and rainbows when it meets the naked eye.

...The whole reason for that long write-up about Pura fanart is so you don't expect much from mine, because I'm not particularly happy with it. I don't think Shin's happy with hers either, for that matter, although her concept is so cool! Mecha!Pura!? Mindblowing, man, mindblowing.

Tada, crusader!Pura. *cue in the whistles and horns*

All I can say in our defence is that we rushed it in one or two days, oops.

EDIT 25 May: We got the cosfest booth, shazam!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Equal X will reprise it's booth at 2 upcoming conventions!

4th - 5th June 2011 (Saturday and Sunday)
@ 91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2

here's a fanart of the official comifest mascot:

25th - 26th June 2011 (Saturday and Sunday)

@ Downtown East (D'Tent)

Hope to see you there (:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

SOY shin's version ^^

The commissions I did during SOY~ i had a very jittery feeling, selling my art for the first time. here they are:

to the people who commissioned me, thank you so much for your support!!