Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cosfest (shin's side)

Cosfest 2011 was righteous! If you're here because you grabbed a namecard from our table, thank you for stopping by (: ashley and i will try our best to create more contentz.. *adds*

For me, this was the best convention out of the 3 we've been to ever since we started ninjabrushes. There were many many good cosplayers out there and also many great artists. Being a small part of it was a great experience from us. Looking back, Ashley and I really came a long way, from doodling in class in secondary school to picking up photoshop to starting a sketchblog together.

I don't know what we'll be doing in future but what's for sure is that we'll never stop drawing (:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

late introduction!

better late than never :B

Edit by Ash

Well, we attended Comifest 2 on the 4th and 5th of June, thanks to all who stopped by to say hello or get our merchandise! It was a different experience from SOY C, and we had cool booth neighbours jujocraft @ deviantart who sold really cute stuff! I wish I had more money to spend on their booth, but I am but a poor student, I will get more of their stuff next time I see them. Also, we got to see Asuka!!!!! And get his amazing artbook!!!!! And take pictures with him!!!!!11

Next stop, we'll be heading for Cosfest at Downtown East on the 25th and 26th of June.

(p.s. By the way, I shall do some pimpin for merchandise to come, because Shin's Tsubasa print is very very pretty. She sold it at Comifest and will be selling it at Cosfest, I myself have a copy that is signed and I place it in a shrine and light candles in its honour everyday)

(p.p.s. I stupidly keep promising people that my range of keychains will definitely contain more characters by the time the next con rolls around and thus corner myself into only having time to do keychains -_- I think this time I'll only be adding a few since there's so little time left. [Also although my keychains seem simple it takes me a really, really long time to do one since I'm such a slow colourer and I'm very anal with details. So they end up being major time suckers, and wtf I don't even like drawing chibis!])