Tuesday, December 13, 2011

heads up...

...we're back! and here are some headshots i've been working on for practice..

From left to right: Sylvain, Lexi, Elsa and Julius

Okay, lame jokes aside, Ash and I have both been through a pretty rough school semester but we're psyched to come back to do some art this holiday.

I'm not sure how juggling school work with personal illustrations will be, but I'm still slightly optimistic because we're both officially design students so it's interesting to see how our academics and hobbies overlap.

I'm be painting/ drawing over the coming weeks. Just watch.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Some pics

Back from some camp, decisions, decisions ):

Anyway to prevent this place from attaining moribund status, here have some commissions I did after cosfest

Link and Dark Link from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Pit from Kid Icarus

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cosfest 2011 (Ash's side)

What the hell blogger closed on me now I have to retype everything curse you blogger

First off I shall start with the mandatory thanks-

Thank you to everyone who bought our merchandise, whether to support us or because you genuinely liked our stuff;

Thanks to all those who ordered commissions, we're really glad and truly humbled that you liked our work enough to commission us :)) (Also I owe some of you your commissions still, I'm sorry! I haven't forgotten, I'm working on them as I type~);

Thank you to all who dropped by to visit! Even if it was because you wanted to use our booth as a camping spot, haw haw haw (awkward laughter);

And finally, thank you to our amazing booth helpers, without you guys I don't think we would have survived! We were swamped.

Now have some pictures taken with my lousy phone, hooray for phuzzy fotos

Someone commissioned a picture of Rin from Ao no Exorcist, it's the first time in a long while that I've seen a main character this intriguing, Imma go check out this manga because Rin looks so damn badass.

Another commission was young Link from Ocarina of Time. I've never played this game but Link is a famous character, I've seen pictures of him floating around. Now what is shocking is that young Link is in fact wearing a dress!!!!!11 And it's a really short dress too!!!11 With knee high boots!!!1 My mind it is blown what

If you don't believe me you can go and search it for yourself, google images is your friend

One of our booth helpers, who was pretty popular with the gentlemen~

On the way home on the first day, we saw this Gintama group have dinner at some japanese restaurant, and they very nicely posed for me even though I didn't ask for their permission to take their picture.

This...thing stopped by our booth. Why, you are my hero if I ever cosplay I want to be like you and go around cosfest looking so fine

Booth mates Meijia and her brother cosplaying as me Ash Ketchum and his trusty pikachu (who has his own pokemon in the form of Choppa), they were smashingly amazing!

The lumpiest elizabeth ever and its friend

Yuyuan as Yami from To-Love-Ru, this is cuteness personified, lol

An awesome Shino stopped by! Always good to see the lesser known characters from naruto getting some love :DD

Gokudera from Katekyo :D

Yam Ah Mee was making his speech as he walked by and deigned to stop and confer blessings on our booth

Didn't get a chance to draw on the graffiti wall this year because I was so busy doing commissions, but there was this amazing picture on it, to me it's by far the best picture I have taken of this year's cosfest
Whoever you are, I salute you, you got the dynamics of team 7 down pat!

I think that's about all the pictures that aren't too blurry, dark or pointless that I have taken of cosfest. I didn't even get any pictures of any crossdressers, and there were so many this year! There were some really tall and muscular girls walking around, too bad they didn't stop long enough for me to snap a picture.

Well, uni is going to start soon (I am going to cry why are we so facking old), and the course we are going to take sounds pretty tough, so I don't know when we'll have a chance to go for any other conventions. Here's hoping we at least get to make it for cosfest every year! Definitely the con of cons.

To end this post off, here have some shit i drew ages ago

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cosfest (shin's side)

Cosfest 2011 was righteous! If you're here because you grabbed a namecard from our table, thank you for stopping by (: ashley and i will try our best to create more contentz.. *adds*

For me, this was the best convention out of the 3 we've been to ever since we started ninjabrushes. There were many many good cosplayers out there and also many great artists. Being a small part of it was a great experience from us. Looking back, Ashley and I really came a long way, from doodling in class in secondary school to picking up photoshop to starting a sketchblog together.

I don't know what we'll be doing in future but what's for sure is that we'll never stop drawing (:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

late introduction!

better late than never :B

Edit by Ash

Well, we attended Comifest 2 on the 4th and 5th of June, thanks to all who stopped by to say hello or get our merchandise! It was a different experience from SOY C, and we had cool booth neighbours jujocraft @ deviantart who sold really cute stuff! I wish I had more money to spend on their booth, but I am but a poor student, I will get more of their stuff next time I see them. Also, we got to see Asuka!!!!! And get his amazing artbook!!!!! And take pictures with him!!!!!11

Next stop, we'll be heading for Cosfest at Downtown East on the 25th and 26th of June.

(p.s. By the way, I shall do some pimpin for merchandise to come, because Shin's Tsubasa print is very very pretty. She sold it at Comifest and will be selling it at Cosfest, I myself have a copy that is signed and I place it in a shrine and light candles in its honour everyday)

(p.p.s. I stupidly keep promising people that my range of keychains will definitely contain more characters by the time the next con rolls around and thus corner myself into only having time to do keychains -_- I think this time I'll only be adding a few since there's so little time left. [Also although my keychains seem simple it takes me a really, really long time to do one since I'm such a slow colourer and I'm very anal with details. So they end up being major time suckers, and wtf I don't even like drawing chibis!])

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sparkles and rainbows, oh my!

Shin's been bugging me to post.

(Actually I don't know if anyone besides us two are reading this stuff. For all I know we could just be a pair of deluded idiots manically posting up stuff for nobody to see

...which would be quite funny. But at the same time, really really sad.)


Barring that depressing possibility-

Minor correction gaiz, we haven't actually got the cosfest booth yet, we've only just applied for it. Hopefully we'll get it because it really is the con of cons in Singapore and what we've been aiming for from the start, but for the moment all we're gonna do is sit in front of our computer screens and drool in anticpation.

Something like that anyway.

Right now, both of us are rushing to add to our meagre selection of con goodies for the upcoming SGComifest 2 (Interested? You can find out more by clicking the link Shin provided in a previous post. For what it's worth, admission is free.) I myself have quite ambitious plans, but I really don't know how much of it I can complete in these 2 weeks. Although we should technically be useless bums with nothing to do but sit around and wait for uni to start, we both have jobs that suck up a lot of time that could otherwise spent on con stuff.

The comifest staff got all the boothowners to do a fanart of their mascot Pura (I sure hope they didn't get the name from Singapura, that would be corny beyond belief) to be used as prizes for some lucky dip or something. We weren't paid to do it, and it was an obligation on top of the booth payment fee (i.e. we don't get anything by doing it. Okay, maybe we get artist's recognition or something, but that isn't very important to me since I don't think my digital drawings are anything to be recognised for), so a couple of people I agonised to about it told me to knock up something slipshod. Anyway, I didn't, on the basis that the unlucky sod who does pick out an art as a prize shouldn't get something half-hearted, since it is a prize after all.

...Well, when I say I didn't, I meant I actually bothered to put in effort, not come up with something that's so magically gorgeous it emits sparkles and rainbows when it meets the naked eye.

...The whole reason for that long write-up about Pura fanart is so you don't expect much from mine, because I'm not particularly happy with it. I don't think Shin's happy with hers either, for that matter, although her concept is so cool! Mecha!Pura!? Mindblowing, man, mindblowing.

Tada, crusader!Pura. *cue in the whistles and horns*

All I can say in our defence is that we rushed it in one or two days, oops.

EDIT 25 May: We got the cosfest booth, shazam!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Equal X will reprise it's booth at 2 upcoming conventions!

4th - 5th June 2011 (Saturday and Sunday)
@ 91 Bukit Batok West Avenue 2

here's a fanart of the official comifest mascot:

25th - 26th June 2011 (Saturday and Sunday)

@ Downtown East (D'Tent)

Hope to see you there (:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

SOY shin's version ^^

The commissions I did during SOY~ i had a very jittery feeling, selling my art for the first time. here they are:

to the people who commissioned me, thank you so much for your support!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

HELL YEAH SOY C (Ash's side of events)

This is my first time ever blogging, but here goes


First up, a big thank you to all those who bought our stuff at our booth (Equal X, geddit, =x? We wanted :x, but it would then have been Colon X, which sounds like a movie about a radioactive organ transplant) especially to those who bought commissions off us! We're very glad and humbled that  people like our drawings enough to commission us c': For the 2 people whose commissions I have not completed , I will try my best to get them to you by next week, so don't worry :D

Anyway, have some pictures (will edit with more when I get more pictures):

Warning: the next few pictures were taken with my phone, so, shitty quality, you have been warned.

My bookmarks and keychains before they have been cut and done up

My keychains, before they have been, uh, keychain'd

Cutting my bookmarks, a surprisingly tiring business (or maybe it was just because it was 6am)

Some of my commissions (once again, thank you for commissioning me! ;u;)

Some of Shin's commissions (thank you for commissioning her!)

The view from our booth

Yesterday was my first SOY (not Shin's first though), and also the first time we attended an anime convention as booth owners and not as the usual con-goers. The experience is seriously vastly different. For one, both of us woke up late because we are so fly were too tired and had to rush to the venue, we barely had a few minutes to set up. (On the other hand, you can go at any time you want if you're not a booth owner.) I didn't get to look around at the cosplayers or the merchandise (like I usually do when I go to cons), so I didn't see much of the con except for the area around the booth (and even then not much of that, not even the people buying our stuff! [since my eyes were glued to paper most of the time]). That was something I feel a little regretful over, especially since my cousin was busy shouting cool things like 'HEY LOOK, IT'S V WITH GLASSES' into my ear.

On the plus side, we saw Cloud Strife waiting for the bus when we were leaving Ngee Ann Poly. Now that's what I call badass!

Although the day was far from relaxing, it was still awesome, ha, so don't get me wrong. I think the SOY C people did a great job organising SOY C, well done :) We also learnt a lot from this experience, so we'll be more prepared for the next con.

Oh and we'd like to thank the people who helped us at the con! Much thanks goes to Yuyuan and Goh Hong, who were there to help us set up the booth and were my sweatshoppers *v*", my cousin the King who also was a sweatshopper, and last but definitely not least, to the two sisters Shuyan and Shuhui, who are amazing salespeople, and who were so busy marketing our merchandise that they didn't even get to eat lunch and had to stand most of the time (and who also sweatshopped, they are so talented huh they can do everything~).

On another note, Shin and I will certainly be attending more cons as booth owners (we're looking at cosfest, and possibly an event called SGComiFest) before we get eaten up by uni life, so if you wanted to get some of our merchandise but didn't (and now regret it), you can probably catch us at these. We'll also be expanding and updating the range of our merchandise, both in types of products and in characters and series. For example, I'll definitely be adding Fran from Katekyo and Kakashi from Naruto as characters for keychains, so people who wanted both Bel and Fran will be able to get Bel's missing half Fran. I think we'll both be selling badges too because I like badges!

Okay, that's about it for my side.

Yeah I hope I did good on my first ever blog post, blogging is some tough shit, srsly. I am mentally drained.

(Now have some kyuubi-chakra-rasengan courtesy of Shin. Eat your heart out naruto)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bearfruit Illustration Workshop Exhibition @ NLB!

Hey! This is NinjaBrushes first post so let's get straight to it! Ash and I participated in an illustration workshop organised by the awesome illustrator wanton doodle!

a bit of what we did can be seen here.

All the members were tasked to come up with a personal illlustration project. We decided to collaborate to create a diorama. This was our first time working with the steampunk theme and doing a mixed media piece, not bad eh? (: the characters were coloured with copic markers. Guess which characters were drawn by ashley and which ones were drawn by me!! (answers below)

tadaa! our completed steampunk tapestry!!

the tapestry was on display at the National Library along with the works of all the participants from 25th February to 27th March.


1-2 were by ash and 3-5 were by shin!