Monday, March 28, 2011

Bearfruit Illustration Workshop Exhibition @ NLB!

Hey! This is NinjaBrushes first post so let's get straight to it! Ash and I participated in an illustration workshop organised by the awesome illustrator wanton doodle!

a bit of what we did can be seen here.

All the members were tasked to come up with a personal illlustration project. We decided to collaborate to create a diorama. This was our first time working with the steampunk theme and doing a mixed media piece, not bad eh? (: the characters were coloured with copic markers. Guess which characters were drawn by ashley and which ones were drawn by me!! (answers below)

tadaa! our completed steampunk tapestry!!

the tapestry was on display at the National Library along with the works of all the participants from 25th February to 27th March.


1-2 were by ash and 3-5 were by shin!

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